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Electrical Control Panels:
Motor Control Centres

The Motor Control Centres (MCC) are of bolted construction and designed to meet the requirements of modern steel plants, Power Plants and refineries and other engineering and process industries. These conform to IS:8623 and IEC:439 The MCCs are made of sheet steel formed profiles and compartmentalized either in single front or double front execution.

Each panel is designed for extension on either side. It can be coupled to a breaker panel having higher depth at either end. Doors, side covers, top and bottom sheets are provided with gaskets to make the panel dust and vermin proof.

Busbars and Cable Chambers

The busbars are designed for fault level up to 50 kA r.m.s. for one second. The main busbars run horizontally at the rear in single front panels and at top in double front panels in separately enclosed compartments. The busbars can be designed to cater to load up to 3200A at 415V. For single front MCCs, one set of vertical busbars run down the entire height in the rear. For double front MCCs, 2 sets run down the entire height.

Each set of vertical busbars can be designed to cater to a load up to 600A at 415V. The busbars are generally are of aluminum/copper and are mounted on DMC/SMC insulators.

A separate horizontal control chamber is provided at the top of each panel to facilitate running of inter-panel control wiring and control bus bars.

  • Liberally sized busbars for ratings up to 3200A continuous and 50 kA r.m.s. fault current for one second.
  • Non-hydroscopic fire retardant FRP barriers and moulded DMC/SMC insulators for the increased safety. Spacious cable chambers(300 mm) to facilitate easier cable terminations. In case of special requirement panels with cable chamber of size 500 mm can be offered.
  • Standardised compartment and tray sizes for interchangeability.
  • Self locking of trays after insertion.
  • Outgoing power terminals mounted inside compartments to prevent accidental contact from cable chamber.

Power Control Centres

The Power Control Centres (PCCs) normally comprise either only circuit breaker panels or circuit breaker panels and MCC panels coupled together. The circuit panels are suitable for coupling to both single front and double front MCC panels and are designed taking into account the functional requirements and ease of access for maintenance.


The circuit breaker panels are offered either in single tier or two tier configuration. Doors, side covers, top and bottom sheets are provided with gaskets to make the panels dust and vermin proof. Each circuit breaker panel is provided with segregated compartments for safety viz., control bus chamber, control/metering chamber and breaker chamber.

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Electrical Control Panels

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