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Solar Energy requirements of the World to-day are mostly met by fossil fuels. A small part of the energy requirement is serviced by nuclear Power Plants. An even smaller segment is met by RENEWABLE ENERGY systems like Wind Power. Hydel Power and Solar Power Solar etc.

While the Share of Renewable Energy is less than One percent now, the fossil fuels like Oil, Coal etc. will totally deplete in above live decades. Since Nuclear Power is very hazardous both in terms of operation and Waste disposal, this is not encouraged by World Community.

The future World energy requirements will progressively depend upon renewable energy sources only. Of all the renewable energy sources available, the foremost is SOLAR ENERGY. SUN after all is going to be shining for the next 2000 million years. A perennial source of energy Indeed.


Solar energy is being tapped, primarily in two ways as follows :

• Direct power Generation System
• Water Heating System

While Electrical Energy is generated from First. Hot Water Steam is the output of the second system.

Schaltech is focussing on the first system for direct generation of electrical energy. This is Called Solar Photo Voltare Systems in short SPV.

Photo Voltaic refers to creation of Voltage from light Basically a Convertor which changes the energy of light into Electrical energy. The Photo Voltaic cell which does this function is commonly called SOLAR CTIL. The Cell can not store any energy. Hence when source of light is removed there is no Electrical Current. If Electricity is needed during the night Electrical storage devices (Typically Batteries) should be included in the Circuit.

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