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SCHALTECH automation is a company offering value added hi-tech services in manufacturing and process automation. Schaltech's working philosophy puts professionalism as the main thrust and uses state of the art technology and continuously enhanced book of knowledge for greater production and increased value for money for the customer.

SCHALTECH consists of group of dedicated professionals having extensive hands-on experience in machine tool (GPMs & SPMs), Packaging Machines, material handling( Pick & Place Robots, manipulators conveyors etc.,), cut-to-length applications, roll feed applications, form/fill/seal machines & process automation involving CNCs, Servo Drives, VFDs, PLCs, HMI,SCADA and related software automation. Their specialized skills complement each other's to cover to entire spectrum of FACTORY AUTOMATION.

Schaltech is organized in two main groups:

Projects Group: Executes projects including retrofits, OEM installation & commissioning of machines and integration, service, maintenance and other related activities

Products Group: Involved in marketing of Variable Frequency Drives, PLCs, AC Servo Drive Systems, High Speed Motion Controllers(Includes PC based)


  • In depth knowledge of machine tools, packaging machines, material handling and speciality machines and process automation
  • Capability of handling all facets of machine and process automation technology such as design, engineering, software, installation, commissioning, service, maintenance, retrofits
  • In constant touch with latest technologies to cater to the needs for modernization of the systems and process
  • Continuously updated database of spares, equipments, bought items and suppliers

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